[OFFICIAL] Rules Of Webkinz Nation Updated 6/21/12

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[OFFICIAL] Rules Of Webkinz Nation Updated 6/21/12

Post by Kennedy on Thu Dec 08, 2011 6:39 pm

The Official Rules and Regulations of The Webkinz Nation

Main and Super Important Rules

1] No scamming anyone. This also includes no hacking. If someone has scammed or hacked you, and they are from here, let the staff know right away, as scamming/hacking is punishable by permanent ban.

2] No trading outside the official trading area. You will get a warning for first offense, but then it's a ban after. This is to insure no one is scammed or hacked.

3] Please post in the correct section. While we are not entirely strict on this, it's easier for the staff if you post in the right section, so we don't need to keep moving your threads or posts.

4] If you are under the age of 13, please get your parent or legal guardian's permission before signing up for Webkinz Nation. This is due to COPPA laws.

5] No sharing of personal information, no matter how old you may be. There are kids on here, and you never know who you are talking to.

6] No bad words/images that include things such as drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, illegal activity, pornography, etc. The extremeness of the word(s) and image(s) will determine your punishment.

7] You may only have one account. Please do not attempt to make another unless stated otherwise by an administrator as we can check this.

8] Talk of drama that began or is occurring on other websites is prohibited. WN is a positive environment, and drama subtracts from this atmosphere.

9] Questions or concerns regarding bans, chatbox kicks, or infractions should be taken care of by PM'ing a Moderator or Admin. Please do not discuss this in public.

10] Pet codes to webkinz accounts or webkinz pets and passwords to any accounts may not be given out at all on WN.

11] From now on, ANY AND ALL links must be approved by an administrator or moderator. Please note that any links leading to other forums will not be accepted. ABBREVIATIONS COUNT.

Additional Rules

1] No Spamming. You may not spam any part of the website, including Portal, Forum, Blogs, Calendar, Profiles, any part of the site. This will result in permanent bans. S.P.A.M. is Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages. Please do not post anything excessively either, this includes smilies as well.

2] No posting in red or blue. This is for moderators and administrators only. (If you absolutely HAVE to use the color, please let us know and we'll work it out.)

3] No editing quotes in places other than the trading area. When you reply with a quote, editing a person's post in the quote is very rude, so don't do it.

4] We allow youtube videos, but you need to get them approved by an admin or mod. If they have any cursing or innapropriate images that are not suitable for all folks, you don't get it approved and may receive a warning.

5] You may not post, PM, VM, or give out any other Webkinz Forum links. If this happens, all links will be censored. It is fine if you post you are from a website (ex. WI), but please do not advertise other Webkinz forums.

6] No asking for items/gifts of any sort outside fo the Wishlists section. We have our own "Wishlists" section where you can "wish" for items, but you may not demand of any gifts.

7] Only English is allowed. We don't have translators, sorry. If English is not your native language, try your best, even if grammar is bad. We understand some people don't have English as a first language.

8] Report Posts ONLY if you want to close a thread, or you see a bad post, or need to bring a new pet adoption, recipe solved, etc. to our attention. Do not just report posts for fun.

9] The chatbox is a privilege and not a right. All WN rules also apply to the shoutbox and you can find additional chatbox rules by clicking here: http://www.webkinznation.com/t348-chatbox-rules10] Webkinz Nation does not have post-merge. Please use this responsibly. You MAY use this to reserve posts very easily.

11] We'd appreciate it if you did not ask to become a staff member. We do allow you to notify us that you are interested in the position via PM, but not repeatedly, only once. This includes asking in the chat box as well.

Depending on the severity of the rule broken, you can be moderated in one of the following ways:

*Temporary or full ban.
*Chatbox ban or kick.
*Official Trading Area ban.
*Post or thread edit.
*A warning or reminder via PM.

Our moderators and admins reserve the right to use any one of the methods stated above. Please note that the moderators discuss the problem in the staff section before using any of the methods above, and the decisions made are fair and final.

Questions? PM an a Moderator/Administrator!

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